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Tattoos – Funny tattoo fails

Here at Jokideo we love and respect amazing tattoo work but not every tattooist has the skills to pull of an amazing tattoo. We have done some research and found some extremely funny tattoos that turned out to be epic tattoo fails…

If you ever considered getting a tattoo take a look at these tattoos below and make sure that you go to a reputably tattoo artist.

Funny tattoo fails found on Google images

Funny tattoo fails - Arm pit legs open

Funny tattoo fail - just do it

Funny tattoo fails - Gone the market

Funny tattoo fails - insert coin

Funny tattoo fails oh no you dont

Funny tattoo fail - spelling mistake

Funny tattoo fails - gardener haircut

Funny tattoo fail - eyes

Funny tattoo fails - six pack

Funny tattoo fails

Funny tattoo fail - spelling

Funny tattoo fails - funny ginger

Portrait fail tattoo

Baby tattoo fail

Awful tattoo

Spelling tattoo fail

Baby tattoo fail

Spelling mistake tattoo fail

Epic mcdonalds tattoo fail


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