Writing funny stories: How to create one that people like

Tickling the funny bone is never an easy task. For most people, it is simpler to make people laugh telling jokes face-to-face rather than writing one. When it comes to making people laugh telling jokes face-to-face, all depends on the subject, tone, and your delivery style. It is very different when it comes to writing a humorous piece of story. It is not easy to humor someone with your writing even though you might think so. There is a lot that goes into it, makes it harder to connect with people who are not near you. There is no surety that your readers will see the joke in the same light you want them to see it. Experts give different advices on how to connect with the readers and make them laugh. If you are looking to start writing funny stories, here are a few tips and methods for you: 

  1. Play It Original- There is just no two ways about it; you will have to be yourself when it comes to writing something funny. Do not try hard to be someone you are not and end up messing the storyline. Write what you think is funny rather than focusing on what other people will find funny. Remember that humility is the key to being successful. If your sense-of-humor is all high-brow feeding your readers a carefully crafted piece to laugh at, chances are that they won’t value the effort. It is a big risk in such times to try and play to the galleries rather than staging your own voice to reach the people. If you are not original, then there is nothing unique about you. It will harm you to try being someone else. 
  2. A Solid Story- You will find that the best comedy acts and writings have a great storyline. They start unfolding the aspects of story revealing different characters and meanings to the story. Coming with a script like this can be mountainous task. You will need to think hard and go deep into your mind to come up with a story like this. After that try and create a story that is unique and genuine. If needed, you can check your story first with experts available online; they will review it for you. There are many websites which offer services of such kind like PaperDoers and TopAssignmentExperts. Do remember to test it first before going full-fledged with the storyline. 
  3. Pack Your Punches- It is never advised to fill up paragraphs with jokes. You will want to diversify the comedic parts into different paragraphs. Remember that you are not writing a joke book, but a humorous storyline; that needs to be divided into parts to make sure the reader is waiting for it when you deliver the punch line. If you go the former way, your readership will get bored easily as you are pulling no punches. You need to take it slow in order to get the readership to keep interest in your story. If you want help with it, you can take help of English experts like BestOnlineAssignmentHelp; they will tell you what a reader looks for in a funny novel. 
  4. Detailing- Remember to put details in the story. You will have to create characters and give them backdrops before you can proceed with writing it. If you are not doing that, you will be creating a generic storyline which the reader cannot connect with even after trying. This shows a lack of creativity on your part to engage your readership. Remember, detailing means taking the reader to your own world where he/she is much more connected to the world you are trying to show. When readers connect more, they find the writing much funnier simply because it is closer to them. If you are having difficulty putting the details in, you can take help of experts like OnlineAssignmentWriting to get guidance on how to craft a detailed storyline. 
  5. Empathy- I have read really dark stuff passed off as jokes on the internet. Maybe, that is not for my taste and there are people who find jokes like that funny. Your storyline should give something to the readership rather than be a crude set of jokes. If there is no empathy in your jokes, you might turn away your readership. Do that only at your own expense.  
  6. Make Yourself Laugh Before Others- Write a piece that you find funny and makes yourself laugh. You know that one joke can seem less funny if read again and again, so if you overly ponder on what you have written; you will find that the jokes are not that funny. Self-criticism might be healthy but self-doubt can kill your confidence. You can get it reviewed later on with fellow young comedy writers, connecting on platforms like ThanksForTheHelp to help understand if what you are coming up with is really good or not. 
  7. Focus on the subject- If you are thinking of putting in some self-depreciating humor, keep in mind that too much of it might put off the reader. It is not a good thing to stay on a subject for too long, the readers want an unraveling story and not a self-justifying article. If you are thinking of creating characters and then making fun of those, it will be well-appreciated because you have already created an image of those people in the readership’s mind so it only makes sense to make fun of them now. It is always good to keep shifting from one subject to the other as you can only make fun to a limit. 
  8. Ask The Question What- You must first ask yourself what is it that you are trying to achieve through your writing. Do you want the readership to roll on the floor laughing on a crass joke you made? Do you want the reader to reflect on the political situation of your country? Your style of humor will depend on what you are trying to achieve with your comedy. Do that before setting your pen down. There are personality experts on multiple websites like CDR-Report who specialize in profiling people; you can ask them to see who your target would be to work better towards it. 

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