Tooth removed joke

A guy walks into a dentist office and wants a tooth removed. The dentist says that I can give a shot of novocane .and remove the tooth with no pain to you. The guy says that he can’t have shots, do you have anything else?The dentist leaves the room and returns with a bottle tucked under his arm, The dentist explains that there is gas in this bottle and I can put you to sleep, and when you wake up the tooth will be removed. The man says that he can’t have gas, do you have anything else ? The dentist leaves the room and comes back with two little blue pills in his hand. Here take these. The man washes down the pills and asked the dentist, what he just swallowed. The dentist replied that he just gave him some Viagra. The man says, Why would you give me Viagra ? The dentist replied, When I pull that tooth your going to need something to hold onto.

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