Tickling You Funny Bone – From Einstein to Intestine!

There are different people in this world and each one of them has got their own way of thinking. This results in different opinions about the same thing. The same theory could be applied to laughter as well. While most of the people would not in their wildest of dreams would like to think about why they laugh and they will simply be happy and satisfied with the laughing activity itself, but still, there are some peculiar characters around the globe, (mostly intellectual types of people) who are more interested in knowing why on earth does one laughs?

For someone, who has a sense of humor, this question itself may sound funny! It actually isn’t a wicked sense of humor – it’s actually something very natural. You may have never thought about something like this before, have you? Why do people laugh? Who really cares about it? You might well end up laughing at the people who is asking this question! It’s like asking someone How to Play Black Jack? when he is busy  solving a crossword! It simply means that if you are involved in something and you are satisfied with your involvement, other things don’t necessarily mean much to you. However, that does not mean that this question is not important. It is in fact one of the hottest topic of research in the medical field.

Speaking in medical terms, laughter is more of a therapy than anything else. A hell lot of lot of research has been made in the medical field to ensure that every human lives a long, happy and healthy life and it has been found out that the people who live for long and without any health trouble are the people who laugh the most. As the medical science explains it, laughter activates the digestive system. When one laughs, it has direct impact on intestine, the bowel movement and other parts of digestive system and hence, a continuous laughter activity would vibrate, excite and activates the digestive system. Therefore, a continuous and regular dose of laughter would be good enough to resolve all kinds of digestive problems. This includes gas, constipation, weight issues and it also indirectly influences the blood flow and hence, it impacts other diseases like controlling diabetes and blood pressure variation.

This theory has taken years of research and observation and every stat have finally been reconciled in an intellectual way and the result or bottom line is that laughing is good for your health. This theory is now being been acclaimed and accepted undisputedly universally and hence, it has generated lots of interest among everybody about laughter and laughter therapy.

Renowned doctors too have now started admitting this age old theory as fact. As a result, laughter therapy is now being considered to be taught as a course in different universities. There are hundreds and thousands of Laughter clubs across the globe.

You might wonder why people have suddenly become so serious about this laughing business? Well, that is because, laughter is making them money! You could well come across a Millionaire, who will tell you that he runs a laughter club or a standup comedy channel on YouTube and that is all he does for a living! Now who on earth would mind making millions by doing something like that! Making money is a serious business and as laughter is making them money, laugher too indirectly becomes a serious business!  

So it doesn’t matter if you do not want to laugh, it doesn’t matter if you have not understood a joke, it doesn’t even matters that you do not like others laughing at you – if you laugh it will surely have good impact on your body. Be it a fake laughter or a natural one, it doesn’t matter. It will have the same effect.  Laughing is not that serious matter for somebody who enjoys laughing. If you ask me why do people laugh, I would probably simply look at you and start laughing! It is as simple as that. This would surely not answer your question; I understand that perfectly. But you should also understand that it is none of my concerns! You should also understand that this is none of your concerns either! Unless you are somebody who’s been doing research or PhD on laughter, why on mother Earth would you like to think that deep?

At times, the answer of a question depends on the person whose answering it. For example, if you ask Sigmund Freud why people laugh, he would first have a good look at you and decide, if you are worth his time.  Jokes apart, the deepest of thinkers like Sigmund Freud (one of the most acclaimed psychiatrist of the world) too, have concluded that laughter is a result of exhausted thinking. When somebody thinks too much, his mind becomes tensed and it starts finding a way out of that situation. As a result, a complex process goes through the mind and out of the unknown, a pinch of laughter suddenly arises from within the body and it releases and distress the mind. So, we might not be Einstein but we do surely understand that laughter would be helpful for your intestine!  One does not need to have an Einstein’s brain to understand the impact of Laughter on the body. Whenever you laugh, you would be able to feel the pain in your stomach. Medical Science will explain it as ‘digestive system been activated due to the pressure created by the inhaling and exhaling of air’. This is simply called laughter in a laymen’s dictionary!

Therefore as the wisest of philosophers and psychiatrists have concluded the theory of laughter and its importance in their own complex way, we would simply keep it simple and live the laugh rather than analyzing it. The analyzing part should be best kept for the Einsteins and Freuds! That was a serious comment, but if you would like to laugh at it, you are most welcomed, because at the end of the day, laughing is all that matters… !

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