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Sick jokes – Girl with no arms or legs

Sick disabled jokes

This is a sick joke, only read it if you are not easily offended! This guy is walking the beach and he sees a row boat and hears crying from behind it. He goes over to the boat and behind it is a girl with no arms and no legs crying. So he asks “Why are you crying” The girl sobs and says “Ive never been hugged before”. So the guy looks, noones around, picks her up, gives her a hug, and goes on his way. The next day hes on the beach and again he sees the row boat and hears crying, so he walks over and sure enough the same girl is there crying again. So a little irritated he says “Why are you crying now?” she says “Ive never been kissed before” so he looks around, kisses her and walks off. The next day hes on the beach and again the same row boat and hears the crying, so he walks over and shes crying again. So now hes pissed and says “Whats wrong now??” She looks up and says “Ive never been screwed before” So without even thinking he puts her in the boat, rows out a couple 100 yards, looks around, picks her up and throws her over board and says “Now your screwed!”

Sick disabled jokes
Really sick joke