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Warning – Sexy scam alert

WARNING! SEXY SCAM ALERT! Be on the lookout for this girl! She hangs around Wal-Mart parking lots. When you are walking out with your groceries she asks if you need a lift, she is very convincing and very hot! Once your in her car she starts chatting you up wearing her low cut top and while keeping you distracted, she pick pockets your wallet. Then she takes you to a local garage and asks you to check her tyres for her and speeds off with your wallet and groceries.

I’ve had mine taken on the 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 14th and twice yesterday. Probably will happen again two more times tomorrow. Wal-Mart has wallets for $9.99, but I found some at the dollar store for 0.99ยข so I bought all they had. Keep a lookout for her (I find lunch time and around 5:30 the best times.)

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Funny sexy girl scam

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