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Peaches Geldof dead jokes

RIP peaches Geldof, so young! Sometimes Im not a big fan of some of the jokes I post, but here are some of the latest jokes shared about Peaches Geldof dieing!

1) As if Bob Geldof didnt hate mondays enough already..

2) What’s the difference between nectarines and peaches? Nectarines don’t trade on their daddy’s name to get on the TV.

3) What does Bob Geldof like to smother in cream? Peaches.

4) I’ve got a joke about a dead celebrity. It’s a peach.

5) I’ve just eaten Peaches and Ice Cream. Bob is fucking furious.

6) I could never decide whether Peaches Geldof looked more like her mum or her dad. I guess that’s settled now.

7) Peaches makes it to the ripe old age of 25

8) You know what they say, the Peaches never fall far from the tree

9) Gardening advice: you now plant Peaches 6ft deep

10) Usually you get peaches in a can… It’s new now that peaches comes in a box

Some of these was shared on Twitter, Facebook and sickipedia!


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