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Paddy and Mick Classics!

Paddy & Mick are walking down the street Paddy falls down a hole Mick shouts “Is it dark down there?”
Mick replies ” Don’t know can’t see…”


Paddy & Mick are rowing to America they get half way across th’Atlantic when
Paddy says “Mick I’m bored can we go home and do the other half tomorrow?”


Paddy & Mick are reading headstones in a graveyard
Mick shouts “Bugger me there’s one here 152…”
Paddy says “Whats his name?”
Mick replies “Miles from London”


Paddy: I’m thinking of becoming a blacksmith – here, have ye ever shoed a horse?
Mick: No, but I once told a donkey to feck off!


Paddy & Mick walking through a feild and Paddy falls over and breaks his leg.
Paddy says “Argh Mick call me an ambulance”
Mick says “Paddy is an ambulance, Paddy is an ambulance”

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