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Paddy & Mick Twins

This was told to me by an Irishman I used to work with. He told the best Irish jokes ever !!

Paddy has a fall at work and breaks his hip. He gets bored very quickly and asks Mick if he’d like to come round one evening for a few beers.

After a while Paddy asks Mick to go upstairs and bring his slippers as his feet are cold. Mick goes up and see Paddy’s two gorgeous grown-up daughters getting ready for a night out.

“Yer Dad’s sent me up to feck the pair of ya” says Mick.

“Ah, yur a loying b*stard” says one.

“Oi’ll prove it, Oi will” says Mick. He calls down : “Paddy, did ya say bot’ of dem ?”

“Of course, ya daft get, what’s de point of feckin’ one ?”

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