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Everton FC letter of appeal after Rodwells red card!

As Jokideo is based in Liverpool we have contacted the Liverpool Echo and was able to get a copy of the following letter:

Dear Mr Riley

Please accept this letter as formal notification that Everton Football Club would like to appeal against the red card issued by Mr Martin Atkinson against our player Jack Rodwell following his tackle on Luis Suarez yesterday. It is our submission that the tackle was in no way reckless or dangerous and Everton Football Club would respectfully request that Mr Atkinson’s decision should be reversed by the Appeals Panel.

In addition we would also like to submit that Luis Suarez is in fact a cheating redshite bastard.

We apologise that this letter is handwritten but our computer has run out of ink and we are waiting for PC World to have a sale so we can get a good deal on a cartridge.

Yours With Dignity

Everton F.C

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