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Collection of Funny names on Facebook

This is a big collection of funny names on Facebook…. So stupid yet sooo funny! Enjoy and feel free to share with your friends

Ah Choo - Funny names

Amin Abed - funny facebook names

Amina Rush - Funny names

Amu Sin - Funny names

Aneeda Jewlee - funny names

Bina way - funny names

Cei Ling - Funny names

Don Chu - funny names

Jenny Taylia - Funny Facebook Names

Jo Lean - Funny names

Joe king - funny names

Makunt Izichi - Funny Facebook Names

No Li Key - Funny Names

Peter Files - Funny names

Polly Ester - Funny Facebook Names

Robin banks - funny name

Scott Chegg - funny names

Shi Ting - Funny Facebook names

Terry Fried - funny names

Toby Lerone - Funny Facebook Names

Tor Mei - Funny names

Way Amin - Funny names

Wee Fukem Yung - funny names

Willy Fiddler - funny names

Wok Din - Funny names

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