Tag: Funniest but hardest quiz in the world

Funniest but hardest quiz in the world

Ask someone these questions if they think there smart!

Question 1: there’s 500 bricks on a plane, drop 10 outside. how many bricks are left?

Question 2: What are the 3 steps for putting an elephant in a fridge?

Question 3: What are the 4 steps for putting a deer in the fridge?

Question 4: Its the lion kings birthday, all the animals are there exept one, which one?

Question 5: How can an old woman cross a swamp filled with crocodiles?

Question 6: In the end the old lady still died, how?


Answer 1: 490

Answer 2:  open the fridge, put elephant in, close fridge.

Answer 3: open fridge, take elephant out., put deer in, close fridge.

Answer 4: the deer, because it’s still in the fridge.

Answer 5:  she just crossed it normally, the crocodiles are at the lion kings birthday.
Answer 6:  She died because she got hit by the 10 bricks..

If anyone can answer all those questions they are a genius haha

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