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EA in a nutshell

-This is for buying out some of the best game companies and turning them to mediocrity.
-This is for having some of the worst customer service in the gaming industry.
-This is for deliberately holding back game content for the sole purpose of making customers pay more for it later as DLC.
-This is for strictly enforcing copyrights on content that you did not even create.
-This is for taking the Need for Speed franchise and completely ruining it.
-This is for supporting the S.O.P.A.
-This is for overworking your employees with no benefeits, demolishing any creative talent they have.
-This is for making terms of use that allow you to backstab your customers any time you see fit.
-This is for releasing the same things every year, an increasingly large number being the only difference.
-This is for forcing your customers to stay online to even play several games you publish at all.
-This is for backstabbing Valve, preventing the developers you publish for from releasing their games via Steam for the sole purpose of promoting your own platform.
-This is for overhyping your games and not delivering the content you promised.
-This is for bribing media review organizations to increase the rep of your games.
-This is for monopolizing the entire gaming industry and crushing all that oppose you.

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