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King Arthur and his cheating wife

King Arthur has a beautiful wife. The problem is, the knights of the round table keep shagging her. He goes to Merlin, and explains the situation. Merlin says, “I’ve got just the thing.” He pulls a out pair of metal knickers, with a hole in the bottom. Arthur says, “They’re no good.” But Merlin puts his wand through the hole, and a blade appears and chops his wand in half. Arthur takes them, and padlocks them to his wife. He goes away for a fortnight.

When he returns he lines up all his knights and tells them to drop their pants. All of the knights except one have half their dick lopped off. Arthur said, “You have disgraced the knights of the round table, Go away, and may I never see you again.” He comes to the remaining knight Sir Lancelot and says, “For your loyalty, I will give you half of my empire.

Lancelot said, “Fank you fery moch thirr.”

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