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I need something to keep me horny!

A bloke walks into a chemist and says to the assistant, ‘I have three girls coming over tonight. I’ve never had three at once, so I need something to keep me horny.’The chemist gives him a box of mysterioous pills marked with an ‘X’ and says, ‘Here, if you eat these you’ll be rock-hard for 12 hours.’The bloke says, ‘Brilliant! Give me three boxes.’The next day, the bloke walks into the same chemist and pulls down his trousers. The assistant looks in horror as he notices the man’s cock is black and blue, with skin hanging off in places.The man says, ‘Give me a bottle of Deep Heat.’The assistant says, ‘Deep Heat? You’re not going to put Deep Heat on that, are you?’The man says, ‘No, it’s for my arms – the girls didn’t show up.’

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