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Whitney Houston dead jokes

What’s the difference between Whitney Houston and my piece of junk car? At least my car can hit 50.

what did whitney and apollo 13 have in common? A crack problem

There’s going to be a huge line outside of Whitney Houston’s funeral next week. Which, coincidentally, is what killed her.

What was Whitney Houston’s worst hit? The one that killed her.

Whitney Houston apparently discovered that there IS a mountain high enough.

What was Whitney Houston’s favorite movie? Waiting to Exhale.

What was the last thing that Whitney heard before she died? “Houston, we have a problem!”

When Whitney Houston was told to “say no to crack,” unfortunately she thought that meant to pull her pants up.

Why did Whitney Houston snort Splenda?  She thought that it was Diet Coke.

Why was Whitney Houston so rarely spotted in public?  She’d turn sideways and disappear.

Now Bobby Brown is claiming to be dead! Apparently two can play at that game.

Apparently, she had been on and off the brown for years!

She’s starring in a new film called “The Bodybag”

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