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Trucker has the worst day of his life

A Truck driver spots a hitch-hiker on the side of the road and decides to pick him up.

The hitch-hiker ins’t in the truck with him for 5 minutes till he pulls a gun on the trucker and forces him to pull over on the deserted highway.

The hitch-hiker then walks the trucker a mile into the woods then stops, gun pointed at the trucker and says, “Hand over your wallet, keys, and cell phone.”

Having no choice the Trucker complies. Then the hitch-hiker tells the trucker, “now strip naked.” Seeing no other the choice… the Trucker strips completely naked. Next the hitch-hiker proceeds to tie the Truckers feet together then ties his hands to his ankles. The hitch-hiker then leaves the trucker, walks back to the Truck and drives off.

It takes the truck driver about 3 hours to hop his way back to the main highway. A big-rig driver driving by spots the trucker and pulls over. “Jesus!” says the big-rig driver, “what the hell happened to you?”

“It was a hitch-hiker,” says the trucker. “He pulled a gun on me, walked me a mile into the woods took my phone, my wallet, clothes and stole my truck! Do you think you could help me out?”

The big-rig driver unzips his pants and says, “Boy… this just isn’t your day…”

Shared by: Matt Morissette

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