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Shell says “Enough is enough”

When I first read this story I didn’t believe it:

The managing director of Shell has published this statement today:

“The current prices of fuel is verging on the ridiculous and enough is enough, so the board and I have decided to make history by doing the craziest thing possible and that is, we are going to make all our fuel that we provide free for 24 hours.

On the 27th of April 2012 every Shell garage in the world will be free for 24 hours.

Last year we made 17 billion pound profit in the UK alone and we are willing to share this with our customers.

In return all we ask is in the future, you go to a Shell garage to fill up and remember that we are a fair and customer friendly company, thank you”

Share this and FOOL your friends – Happy April fools day by Jokideo.com 🙂 haha (Imagine if it was true) – If someone says “It’s not april fools yet, it is in Australia haha (Did not create the image – Image was on Google Images with free rights to share)

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