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Amcs Internet Ltd – Reviews

Amcs Internet Ltd – Reviews:

Amcs Internet Ltd – Reviews: Arlie Thomas 5 Stars: “AMCS has really helped our business grow over the internet. People always said that having a website will help our business grow. We contacted AMCS and they helped us understand how we would benefit from a website for our company. They listened to us and provided us with an amazing site for our customers to use. Our business has now flourished with new customer orders. ”

Amcs Internet Ltd – Reviews: Kelly worthington 5 stars: I have been working on my own running website for the past two years and it received a small amount of visitors on a weekly basis but I felt it was time to try and take it to the next level. I chatted with AMCS over the phone regarding a few different options and I ended up buying there optimization package, they also told me about how to write better titles and things to consider before publishing a new post. The site is now getting 4 times the traffic and I feel it was money well spent.

Amcs Internet Ltd – Reviews: Helen Stead 5 stars: I hired AMCS last month to build my new website, I provided all the information they needed and the team got to work the same week. I liked how I was kept up to date with the progress of the site and was given regular updates to ensure the site was going in the right direction. The team did a lot of research for my market place and the site is already getting visitors , I love the design and my new logo I feel the site has refreshed my business and given it more focus. Very happy with the service and end result next on the list is mastering social media!

Amcs Internet Ltd – Reviews: Helen borrows 5 stars: I have had my motivation website online for 3 years and it had been updated with new content and articles every month but I was still only getting 40 to 50 visitors a day. I spoke to AMCS Internet Ltd over the phone to see what they could do, they analysed my site and reported back and said my site was good but it would benefit from their SEO package. They finished the work by the end of the week and the following week I noticed a lot of changes, my visitors initially dropped but the week after I have been gaining visitors steadily every week. I now have over 300 visitors a day and I now do 6 times the amount of quotes as before all thanks to the AMCS team, money well spent.

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