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7 Epic Blind Date Fails

While some blind dates turn into a happy relationship, others descend into a nightmare. Here are top 10 epic blind date fails. These dates went terribly wrong from the very beginning.


1. Blind date at the blood bank


Blind dates sometimes mean blind plans too. A college freshman went on her first date with a guy who took her to a blood bank because he needed cash for their date. After spending the first half their date hooked up to an IV, they got fast food sandwiches, a case of beer, and headed to the beach. She immediately felt thicker than she ever had in her life and threw up all over the beach, while he continued to drink the beer.


2. Scabby blind date


A man went on a blind date with the woman who was obsessed with picking her scabs. She straight up just made a pile of them on the restaurant table where they were eating. He excused himself to go to the bathroom, and when he came back, the soup they ordered was on the table, but the scabs were gone. Whether she threw them away or put them in the appetizer, we’ll never know. Besides, he didn’t eat the soup.


3. Mom and Dad issues


Melissa decided to take her friend’s advice and go out with a guy who they thought would be a perfect match for her. She immediately regretted her decision and questioned her choice of friends, when he launched into telling her all about his horrific home life. As soon as he stepped foot into the restaurant, he began telling her about his schizophrenic mother and the denture plate of his deceased father, which he kept in his pocket for luck. He also took the liberty to show it to her. And to top it all off he finished by saying “nice boobs by the way”. What a winner.


4. The blind date for three


A woman asked the man she was going on a blind date with if her best friend could tag along too. To be nice and polite, he said “of course”. He assumed it will be one of her girl friends, but in fact it was a guy. Not only that, it was her ex-boyfriend who had remained her best friend, although apparently nothing was going on between the two. This is incredibly awkward.


5. The best nice ever


Kyle’s boss was adamant that he go on a date with his niece, telling him over and over again how sweet she was and how much he’d love her. When date night came, he realized that was opposite from the truth. She showed up in a very revealing outfit, chain smoked the entire time they were together, and would not stop cursing. She also got completely wasted and ended up puking on the car ride home. Nice…


6. Switching teams


When Elizabeth roommate set her up with her cute friend she was so excited for their date to the movies. But when the movie ended and they headed out for drinks, she couldn’t help but feel a little off. First, he told her that he had been on a date with a guy, and then he started flirting with a man at the

table next to them, telling him that he had beautiful eyes. It seems like perhaps she should have left the two of them on their own.


7. Taxi blind date


After taking a cab ride home and getting on the topic of relationships, Laura accepted to be set up with a good-looking Wall-Street guy by our cab driver. She took the chance and after a few successful phone dates, they headed out to dinner. It all went downhill from there. 80% percent of their conversation revolved around his jersey shore party days and how many women he had slept with. He even shared with her that he had had an STI in the past. Honesty isn’t always the best policy.


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