Some of the Most Hilarious Online Pokies Available Online

Although the main idea behind playing online pokies is winning money and that’s a pretty serious business to be in, that doesn’t mean you cant have fun while doing it. Even though there’s serious amounts of money on the line when enjoying online pokies, having a great time is still a big part of the entire process. Like a famous association against problem gaming says in their slogan: When the FUN stops, STOP. In other words, if its not fun then what’s the point of doing it? Here are some very funny pokies online you can enjoy for a boost of good time and winnings.

Not Enough Kittens

There’s no need to remind everyone that the internet is actually ran by cats and these little furry creatures can make anything happen. Well, if you though online pokies are safe from their influence, you must think again. This exceptional online slot developed by Thunderkick has everything needed to take over the world.

The main protagonist is a crazy cat lady that’s also a part-time mad scientist and you can only imagine the weird and funny combinations that might come out of this. If you’re lucky enough to land a wild symbol on the reels, the cats will start cloning themselves, filling the screen with fluffiness and, of course, winnings for you.

This online pokie is not only extremely fun to play but you will also appreciate its illustrations and exciting gameplay. Also, dealing with so many fluffy kittens have another good side. Even if you don’t win the expected amounts, it will be easier not to get angry with so much cuteness all around you.

South Park

The fans of this exceptional animation that is running on the biggest TV networks will need no further introduction or details to know this is an absolute success in terms of winning big and having fun. In the US, South Park is huge thanks to their political comments and edgy humour. When it comes to South Park, there are two possible directions players can take. You either fall in love with it or hate it. There’s no middle ground with the show and the online slot falls into the same categories.

But if you enjoy the show than this online slot comes as the perfect supplement of fun combined with the opportunity of winning nice amounts. The classic South Park characters Kyle, Cartman and Kenny will make you laugh over and over again with their superb win animations and funny phrases.

Even if you don’t necessarily like the TV show that much, giving South Park a shot is a great idea as it has very good rewards and good humour as well. The fact that it offers something different than the regular online slots, is also a big plus.

Taco Brothers

No matter what president Trump may think, Mexico has a lot of tradition and strong values that, as you can see, inspired even some very creative and fun online pokies. The action takes place around 1881 when the brothers Pepe, Pico and Paso fight to bring back peace in a country that has been refused their right to taste the delicious tacos.

The online pokie is produced by Elk Studios and you will find a lot of humour in the way the symbols were portrayed as well as the win animations. Get ready for a lot of cacti, mandolin and, of course, Tacos to come your way while enjoying this great online pokie.

So, there you have it! Final proof that playing pokies online doesn’t have to be all serious and grumpy business but one that combines smiles with the exciting feeling of winning big. What’s your favourite feel-good online pokie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section and let everyone know the exciting games they’re missing.

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