New house with a huge pool joke

These friends of mine just bought a new house with a huge pool in the back. They decide to have a housewarming ‘pool party’. So all of their friends come. Everybody’s out by the pool having a great time, and the hostess is in making snacks and drinks. Her 7 yr old son comes in and asks “Mommy? How come some girls boobies are bigger than other girls boobies?” She says “That’s just the way God made ’em. But remember, the bigger they are, the dumber they are!” “Ok!” He says. And back to the pool he went. A few minutes later, “Mommy? How come some boys peepee’s are bigger than other boys peepee’s?” She gives him the same answer. A few minutes later her son comes in all upset! “MOMMY! MOMMY! Daddy is talking to one of those REALLY DUMB girls, and the longer he talks to her , the DUMBER he gets!!!”

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