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Welcome everyone, here at Jokideo we are looking for two types of people, we are looking for people who are interested in keeping healthy and want to live a better life and we want people who are interested in building a successful business from home.

Please watch this video explaining the products and the business below:

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Now you know about the business and the products, if you are interested in the living a healthy life and want to purchase some amazing products then please visit our shop below and if you want to learn on how to set up a successful business promoting these products… Please read on:

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Products and testimonials

The products are in the health and beauty category from anti ageing and protein shakes to multi vitamin and weight loss tablets, all products are made by a fully qualified PHD doctor and are scientifically tested before going on the market.

Below is some of the fantastic testimonials received from happy customers:

Alzheimer Breast Cancer Colitis Cradle cap Eczema Fatigue Rosacea

About the Business itself:

  • Worldwide company (60 plus countries)
  • Over 20 years in the Industry
  • Amazing reputation
  • No start up costs (Just the products you purchase)
  • Free website given on sign up
  • No products to deliver and no money to collect
  • Share, refer and get paid
  • Free to join and 30-day money back guarantee on all products


Some of the information below you might of already heard from the informational video above but i’m going to recap…

What sets this business builder opportunity from the rest is you can promote these products worldwide, you do not handle any of the transactions, product deliveries or anything regarding the business itself, all you have to do is refer people to the free website you receive, its that simple.

Most people start out in this business builder as a customer e.g I first signed up when I was trying to lose some weight so I purchased multi-vitamins (To replace missing vitamins on my low calorie diet), triple protein shakes (To help build muscle) and energy tablets (Give me a boost before I go the gym). After taking these products I was so happy with them I wanted to tell my friends and family about it, so I came across the business builder and straight away I got one friend and two family members signed up and the commission I got from them, paid for my own products. I was getting three great products each month and they cost me nothing… Then I signed up a few more friends from work and started to make a profit, then all of my friends and family that signed up underneath me started to do the same and my profits rocketed and that’s why this company is so successful, its the success of the products that makes the sales not the salespeople.

Business Opportunity:

Like I said earlier the quality of the products is what makes this business great but what turns the business into a successful business for us is their compensation plan, here is a video that explain it better for you:

As an example you could refer just one person and that one person could get 100’s below them and those 100’s could get 100’s below them and so on… That could make you lot of money just by referring one person. Please click the link below to read the full compensation plan on offer:

Click here to read the compensation plan in full detail

Sign up Process

To sign up and become a business builder its really simple, all you have to do is go to the Online Shop, select the country you are from and purchase a product / products to the total value of 40 IP (International Points), and mark ASAP. When you place your order make sure you click yes when asked is Jokideo your sponsor or you won’t be able to sign up without one.

(Don’t forget you have to mark ASAP when ordering your products, doing so you will receive a discounted shipping rate and a free website to refer future customers, but don’t worry it is still a 30 day month back guarantee so if you don’t like the product or business builder you can cancel and get your money back, you have to keep ordering the products each month to keep your commissions)

Now your product is on its way, login into your account and in the left hand-side bar there is a tab “Manage your website”.

Once you are there fill in all your details (including your new website address eg: and there you have it, your very own website to refer people to make the sales, its that simple. Anyone who purchases any products or signs up as a business builder through that personalized website, you receive a commission. Obviously everyone helps everyone, they sign up their friends and then they receive a commission as well as yourself and it goes on and on.

This is important please read!

This is important, now you are a lifeplus business builder you need access to the accountants department of your business where you can keep track of who has purchased products from you, how much you have earned. You need my PIN number to set up that account up. Everything is simple and done for you, no stress and no accountancy skills required.

Please go to and set up an account put all your information in same as previously at lifeplus and where it says last check amount put in 0.00 and when it asks for your sponsors pin put in 5178066 (Which is my Pin).

Once your account has been set up and Verified you will be able to access all the information regarding earnings, who you have refereed, sales made and your down-line…

As your sponsor I am here to help you build your new business and to make it a great success, if you have any questions or concerns contact me via my personal email address [email protected].

Thank you.