Margaret thatcher dead jokes

Margaret Thatcher died today, and since I am from liverpool (UK) I am seeing alot of different jokes and statuses about her on Facebook and thought to share them:

1) Just seen the plans for thatchers grave its ok but i thought the dancefloor would be bigger

2) Ding dong the witch is dead! JFT96

3) Will this date be made a public holiday?

4) Hears Margaret thatcher, flick it up and catch her, squish, squash, squish, squash, hears Margaret thatcher, party on!

5) Wonder how long before she gets to hell and starts shutting down the furnaces!

6) I so hope they try to have a minutes silence for thatcher at the Manchester derby tonight, that will be funny

7) If watching The Walking Dead has taught me anything it’s that we need to shoot her in the head ASAP

8) I have always said I liked mondays

9) Made up the truth came out before she died. JFT96

10) When Maggie turned up at the pearly gates, there stood god with 96 of his mates,
Your not welcome here god said, we don’t accept those who lie of the dead,
So due to her poisonous prime minister spell, they sent her packing straight down to hell

11) R.I.P maggie thatcher the milk snatcher!

And some pictures:

Thatcher is dead but thatcherism isnt

A generation of scousers will dance on thatchers grave

margaret thatcher dead jokes

margaret thatcher dead jokes






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