Jokideos Meme / Jokes Facebook Page Unpublished 2016

Sad times, yesterday our Facebook page that we have been building since 2010 as been unpublished by Facebook along with our other 11 funny meme / jokes Facebook pages with about 1.5 million likes. All our 12 Facebook pages have been followed by millions of people making them smile, laugh and make their day more enjoyable. Thanks to Facebook they now are gone and there is nothing we can do about it, all appeals have been responded with generic replies. We searched on Google for Meme / Jokes Facebook Page Unpublished 2016 and its happening all other the world, Facebook are unpublishing 100’s of meme Facebook pages each day, don’t they understand that building a page like Jokideo takes time, money and hard work to get it so popular, and its gone and there is nothing us little guys can do about it.

Good bye Jokideos Meme / Jokes Facebook Page:

We have a friend who also had a Facebook page called “I love to laugh” who nearly had 2 million likes which also got unpublished at the same as mine with no real reason why! I have done this post is to let everyone know why our pages can’t be found on Facebook no more.

Here is a list of our Facebook pages that got unpublished by Facebook for no reason: – Funny & Awesome stuff, Funny pictures blog, King of humor, Laugh until I wet myself, Funny SMS messages, Funny picz, Funny land, Everyone was thinking it I just said it, I laughed so hard tears ran down my leg, Fun 4 everyone, Big bang theory, Love hope and dream.

Please share this, to make everyone aware what Facebook is doing and so our Jokideo followers will know what happened to us on Facebook.

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Thank you
Jokideo team

Jokideos Meme / Jokes Facebook Page Unpublished 2016

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