How many kind of boobs are there

Family sat at dinner table. Son asks “dad how many kinds of boobs are there?”  Well son, a woman goes thro 3 phases – in her 20s theyre like melons, round + firm. In her 30-40s theyre like pears, still nice – but hangin a bit. After 50 theyre like onions. ONIONS? Yes son – u see them + they make u cry. This infuriated his wife + daughter, so daughter asks “mum how many types of willies are there?  Well dear a man also goes thro 3 stages. In his 20s its like an oak tree – mighty + hard. In his 30-40s its like a birch – flexible but reliable. After 50 its like a xmas tree. A XMAS TREE? Yes dear – dead from the root up + the balls are just for decoration!

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