Hilarious and weird wedding traditions of the world

The day a couple is creating a family is one of the happiest and the most memorable moments in their lives as longs as in lives of their friends and relatives. At first, throughout centuries and even thousands of years, the unions of two hearts were accompanied with huge emotional celebrations. And at second, there are many incredible wedding traditions in each country that can’t be forgotten if you went through them. Let’s take a closer look.

Paying a “ransom” for a bride, Russia

Russian girls for marriage have to face a lot of peculiar and funny traditions in the very beginning of the day of the wedding. Before a couple and their guests unite in a bride’s house, a groom should pay a dowry to the girl’s family. If the parents aren’t satisfied with the sum of money, they present a fake bride to the groom. As usual, it is a man dressed like a woman. The real bride comes out only when a poor guy pays more. The rest of the celebration is accompanied with bride’s kidnapping, drinking from the bride’s shoe, and many other “that typical Russian” things.

Breaking through the wall of bridesmaids, China

Unlike the Russians, the Chinese grooms should humiliate themselves in front of bridesmaids. At first, the young men should break the “blockade” of bridesmaids who do not allow to step closer to their sweethearts and deliberately act aggressively. Afterward, guys need to pay money and perform everything that maids demand. Regardless of looking humiliating and ridiculous, such tradition makes the young lovers prove their intentions are serious and love is true.

Beating the groom’s feet with a stick, South Korea

Haven’t got tired of reading how grooms suffer on their wedding all around the world? Good. Let’s move to South Korea where they have to bare beating. Of course, it’s not that painful as you may think at first. Male guests just beat a groom’s feet with a cane of a stick… or a fish.

Marrying a tree to avoid a husband’s death, India

If you think that a tendency to marry a cat, a rubber female doll or a dead person is the recent one, take a look at this old Indian legend. In some regions of the country, it’s believed that women who were born in a certain astrological phase are cursed. According to the curse, their husbands are doomed to a sudden death sometime later. To trick the fate, people arrange a wedding ritual when a “cursed” woman marries a tree. Then people cut it down and the real wedding is possible.

A hostage bride, Romania

The custom of kidnapping a bride is very common in Eastern Europe but it went much further in Romania. In this country, the young couple may secretly run away from a celebration or a man may even kidnap his woman. Furthermore, it is believed that the marriage will be much stronger and happier if a man keeps his lady as a “hostage” for at least 2 days.

Shooting a bride with an arrow, China

This tradition is not common all across China, it is usual only in an ethnic minority called Yugur. Before the wedding begins, a man should take a bow and shoot his future wife three times. Of course, the bows aren’t real and don’t have arrowheads, so it’s actually safe. But it’s not the end. The arrows then should be broken afterward in order to bring a good luck to a couple.

Pouring wastes on a bride, Scotland

People of Scotland, apparently, think that marriage is a total disaster and a huge challenge. That’s why they have a tradition to make a stupid and dirty ritual of pelting bride and groom with every nasty liquid they can find at home. This humiliating but very funny custom’s aim is to show the newlyweds that they can face every trouble in their lives and go through it. And marriage, as you know, may be really tough.

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