Guide to a successful Ninja Poo in just 10 small steps!

First of all I would like to explain what a Ninja Poo is, a Ninja Poo is where you need to go for a number 2 but too embarresed so you have to cover it up as a number 1! Everybody needs to do a Ninja Poo sometimes in there life and for me I have to do it on a daily basis, I work in peoples houses as a workman and use the tennants toilets all the time, but I am too embarressed to ask can I use there toilet for a POO! So I have to do a Ninja Poo making the tennant think I went for a wee!

All the following steps has to be done under two minutes:

Step one: Wait until your touching cloth (the Poo is just about to pop out)
Step two: Ask to use the toilet
Step three: Go into the toilet and open the windows
Step four: Put down a splash pad (Toilet paper in the water)
Step five: Spread your cheeks across the toilet seat
Step six: Take a deep breath and force it all out at once
Step severn: Cough loud as the poo hits the water (So they don’t hear the splashing noise)
Step eight: Wipe your arse (Fewer the wipes the better)
Step nine: Flush the chain and at the same time spray the air fresener (So they don’t hear the spraying noise)
Step ten: Walk out the bathroom and close the door behind you! Keep them away from the bathroom for 5 minutes to let the smell go away!

Now you know how to master a Ninja Poo, please share this with your friends and family to save them from any future embarresment!

Please follow these top tips:

Tip One: Always make sure the bathroom door can open from the inside so you dont get locked in and have to ask the person to open it from the outside and them being hit by the smell!

Tip Two: Don’t panic because you might use a flash bleech wipe instead of a baby wipe and trust me you don’t want to do that!!! It really hurts

Tip Three: Don’t rush to much because you might grab shaving foam instead of air fresner!

Tip Four: Do a Ninja Poo just before your leaving!

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