Funny jokes – A man walks into a bar

A man walks into a bar, sits down and orders a beer. He notices a jar full of money on the bar so he asks the bartender what the jar is for. The bartender yes the man that there is a sad horse in the back and if you put $5 you can go try to cheer him up. If you cheer him up then you get the jar full of money. The man confidently pulls out $5, puts it in the jar and walk to the back to see the horse. He walks up to the horse and whispers in his ear. The horse starts laughing uncontrollably. The man then goes back to the bar to collect his money. The bartender gives him the jar and the man finishes his beer and leaves. Several weeks later the man returns to the bar and sees another jar of money. He asks the bartender what this jar was for. The bartender tells him that ever since he whispered in the horses ear it won’t stop laughing so the jar is for whoever can get the horse to stop. The man again puts his $5 in the jar and goes back to see the horse. He comes back a minute later and the horse is now sad again. The man again collects his jar full of money but this time the bartender asks “what did you do to the horse the first time to get him to laugh and then this time to make him sad again?”. The man replies “the first time I whispered to the horse…my dick is bigger than yours and he started laughing. To stop him from laughing this time…I proved it!”

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