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Hey everyone, here at Jokideo we love funny jokes but we are going to try something new on our jokes blog. We are going to find some classic funny jokes and turn them into stories., some of the stories will contain made up characters purely to make the story work, hopefully this post will be funny. Give it a read and if you enjoy and have a laugh feel free to share, thank you.

Funny jokes: The tramps and their cocktail sticks (Sick)

Few of my good friends and I was out drinking in our local bar, one night we all had quite a lot of drinks and near the end of the night the front door swung open, a scruffy tramp wondered into the bar, staggered to the barman and said “Baaaarman! Give me a cocktail stick”. Just to get to get the tramp out of his bar he gave the tramp a cocktail stick and he staggered out and left the bar.

5 minutes later another tramp wondered into the bar and the same thing happened again, the tramp got a cocktail stick off the barman and left. This kept repeating for most of the night… The barman was so confused and when the next tramp walked in the barman said “Let me guess, you want cocktail stick?” The tramp said “No, I want a straw”. The barman asked quite angrily “Hold on a minute, about 5 tramps before you asked for cocktail sticks and now your asking for a straw. What the hell is going on??!”.

The tramp said “Somebody has been sick outside and all the best bits are gone.”

Haha after that we all left the bar and went home.

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Funny jokes: The tramps and their cocktail sticks

Funny jokes: My blonde wife tried to prove that she isn’t a dumb blonde

LOL! This story cracks me up every time I think about it… So I was in work one day and my wife texted me and it read “Baby, im sick and tired of being seen as a dumb blonde, I was going to dye my hair brown but I had a better idea! While you are at work today I am going to go the shops to buy some paint, and paint the whole house! Love you”.

At first I thought no chance, she will end up painting the neighbors house or something… She is really a dumb blonde! But I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt and texted back, “Hey honey you’re not dumb, go and paint the house if that’s what you want to do x”.

I haven’t heard from my wife all day and to be honest totally forgot about the text and what my wife was doing.

I got home around 6pm to the smell of freshly painted walls, I walked into the dining room and found my wife lying on the floor in a puddle of sweat wearing what seemed to be my bikers leather jacket and her big waterproof coat.

I fell to the floor laughing my head off and said to her “What the hell are you doing??!”.

My wife replied “I am sweating so much, I painted all the house!! Ha I told you I am not a dumb blonde!”

I replied “…Why did you paint the whole house wearing that?”

She replied “On the paint tin it read: For best results put on two coats.”

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Funny jokes My blonde wife tried to prove that she isn't a dumb blonde

Thank you for enjoying a few funny jokes turned into stories, we are going to try and add a few each week so keep an eye out on our blog.

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