Funny adult jokes

little Johnnie’s father took him to class his first day of school. Johnnie’s dad pulled the teacher aside and told her, Johnnie has a bad gambling problem so don’t make a bet with him you can’t win. The teacher agreed. When the teacher was passing out the text books Johnny said, teach I’ll make a bet with you,she replied ok what? Johnny said I’ll bet you fifty dollars I can tell you what color panties you have on. she agreed and told him after the last bell he was to stay in the room and then he could guess. while Johnny and the class were at recess the teacher took her panties off and put them in her purse. when school was out Johnny stayed in the classroom and the teacher locked the door and said okay Johnny what color are they? He replied yellow. so the teacher raised her dress and said no your wrong, I’m not wearing any. Johnny asked her to walk him out to his dads car and he would get her money. so as Johnny passed his dad going to the car the teacher told his dad that Johnny finally got beat. He said what do you mean she said Johnny bet me fifty dollars he could tell me what color panties I had on so I took them off. The father replied that son of a bitch he bet me a hundred dollars he could see your pussy before the end of the day

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