Find your birthday then comment!

Find your birthday and then comment at the bottom of this page!

Jan: I stabbed
Feb: I robbed
Mar: I banged
Apr: I shot
May: I kicked
June: I killed
July: I raped
Aug: I slapped
Sep: I kissed
Oct: I licked
Nov: I sucked
Dec: I hugged

1-2: a bag of Money
3-4: a Rich guy
5-6: the Trojan man
7-8: a Lesbian
9-10: a gangsta
11-12: my snowman
13-14: Justin Bieber
15-16: a chair
17-18: my Dog
19-20: a condom
21-22: Mr. Bean
23-24: yo momma
25-26: a pimp
27-28: a Nurse
29-30: my Teacher
31: Lady Gaga

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