Doctor I want to be castrated!

A guy goes to a doctor and says, “Doctor, I want to be castrated.” The doctor is taken back and wonders why the man wants to be castrated.

“Are you sure?” asks the doctor.
“Yes. My wife insisted on it. After all this years facing life without castration, am sure I want to feel complete now,” he replied…..

The doctor raised his eye brows and says, “You know very well that this process is not reversible. It is permanent and cannot be undone at all, right?”

The man, now getting impatient, shouts at the doctor,” Hey! Are you gonna do it or do I get someone else for the job?”

The doctor agrees to the man’s pleas and proceeds to castrate him. He is later taken to the ward to recover.

The next day, he had problems walking to the loo because of the pain in his groin and as he walked there, he saw a guy walking more or less like him. He approaches him and say,”So you also decided to undergo the operation?”

“Yes,” replied the other man. “My wife insisted that if I wanted to sleep with her, I had to get a circumcision.”

“Damn!” said the guy as his face turned pale. “Circumcision! Circumcision! Circumcision! That was the word! My wife is gonna kill me!!

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