David Cameron joke

One day, there was a man name Alex. Alex lived out his life, all 98 years of it, and died in his sleep. When Alex reached the pearly gates of heaven, he saw a huge wall of clocks. He thought that at first the clocks were keeping time, but the hands just moved randomly, no strategy to it at all. Alex asked St. Peter what the clocks were. “Well,” began Peter, “Every time that someone is born, they are given a clock. The hands on the clock move each time that person lies. For example, Abraham Lincoln’s clock has moved twice. Your clock has moved 50 times.” Well, Alex was amazed by this, and began looking at the clocks of all the people that he knows. As he looked, he realized he could not find one clock in particular. “St. Peter, where is David Cameron’s clock?” Peter then started laughing. “His clock had to be moved. It is in Jesus’s office. He is using it as a fan.”

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