Cinderella 30 years later

Cinderella 30 yrs later, fairy godmother i need u. Fairy godmother shows up and asks what is upsetting her, cinderella replies, im broke, old and my prince is now a 50yr old walking wrinkle..the fairy godmother gives cinderella 3 wishes…well first i wish for eternal wealth…bam she has gold, money, jewels. Next i wish for my beauty…bam she becomes the most beautiful what do u ask for your third wish? Cinderella looks down at her cat and says well i wish jasper my cat were in human form..he is the most loyal and affectionate, but plz make him have the body of a god…bam, standing before cinderella is the most gorgeous man…cinderella blushes and says im not sorry i traded my prince for you..and jasper replies, yea but im betting youre sorry you had me neutured.

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