Boss wants sex for $200 joke

A woman was waiting for her husband to pick her up from work one day. Than her boss, male boss, asked her “Hey, im going to be straight up with you, i want to have sex with you Look i know it sounds weird but i am willing to give you $200. I can put the money on the ground and all you gotta do is put your pants down and pick it up. By the time you have picked it up I’ll be done, that simple.” Stunned, the woman replied “No, im sorry im married.” At that time her husband had shown up to pick her up so she left. Later that night she explained everything to her husband and his first response was “What are you crazy! That’s 200 easy dollars you just turned down.” They talked about it and she agreed to do it. So the next day right at the end of work she told her boss and they did it. Her husband was outside waiting for her in the car. 10 minutes passed and she hasn’t came. 30 minutes pass and no sight of her. Finally after 45 minutes she finally comes out and gets to the car. Her husband asked “Hey what happened, you said all you had to do was just bend down and pick it up?” She then replied “The dam bastard gave it to me in coins!!!”

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