Billy the smart arse kid

The school teacher says to little Billy:
– Look Billy, if there are five pigeons on an electric wire and you shoot and kill one, how many are left?
– None teacher.
– Sorry Billy, you fail. How did you get zero?
Because one fell dead and the other four flew away.
… – Well….I like the way you are thinking but I still have to fail you. The answer is four.

– Teacher, can I ask you a question? There are three women eating an ice cream cone. One is taking small bites, another is sucking shyly and the third is taking large,quick slurps. Which one is married?

The teacher thinks a moment and then answers:
– I don’t know Billy, I guess the one that is slurping hard?
-Sorry teacher, you fail. The married one is the one with the wedding ring. But I like the way you’re thinking!

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