April was not the best student in Sunday school joke

April was not the best student in Sunday School. She usually slept through the whole class. One day while she was napping, the teacher asked her, “Who is the son of God?” Seeing that she wasn’t waking up, Little Johnny took a pin and jabbed her ass with it. April shouted, “Jesus Christ.” The teacher says, “Very good April.” The teacher then asks her a 2nd question, “Who created the Universe?” Little Johnny came to the rescue again and jabbed her ass again with the pin. April shouted, “God Almighty!” The teacher says, “Very good April.” Finally the teacher asks her a 3rd question, “What did Eve tells Adam after she had his 23rd child?” Seeing that she isn’t stirring from her slumber, little Johnny took the pin and jabbed her butt again. April jumped up and shouted, “If you stick that fucken thing in me one more time, I’m gonna break it in half and stick it up your ass.

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