A Peek into the World of Sense of Humor!

One of the primary characteristics, which differentiates human from other species, is their level of Intelligence. Although different species of animals like dogs, elephants and monkeys are intelligent as well, but human intelligence is a class apart. Due to the extreme level of intelligence possessed by homo sapiens, they are not only able to express themselves through different languages, but they can also can also feel different emotions like anger, happiness, joy and sorrow.. One such distinctive and unique characteristic that is possessed in humans is the sense of humor.

The world of humor is sensational and multidimensional. As everyone is unique in his or her own way, their sense of humor too varies from each other accordingly. What would be a joke for person A could well mean an offense for B, while C might be still be trying to grasp the meaning of the joke! Some of the popular types of humor can be categorized as follows:   

  • Childish humor – This is one of those sweet ways of making fun, which includes making funny faces, creating funny and meaningless sounds and doing stupid actions to please someone. Though, this may sound absurd to some people, it works successfully in changing the mood of a serious or boring situation to a light-hearted moment, which relaxes the mind and body, which is the very purpose of humor! A classic example of such a case can be found when a couple is fighting over a topic and then one of them suddenly does something stupid, which is intentionally done to divert the mind from the topic.  
  • Light and friendly humor – This type of humor refers to the day to day single liners communication between family members and friends, who known each other well and they are comfortable sharing light moments with each other. This is a neat type of humor that is mostly an outcome of a natural wit of people who are involved in a conversation.
  • Dirty Humor – It can also be termed as wicked or mature humor. The content of such a genre of humor can be well visualized as a website reading ‘Warning – This site contains explicit content and might not be suitable for people below 18. Press enter to confirm your age… ‘ . Now who on earth could decline such an offer!
  • Subtle humor / satire – This is a complex form of humor. Not everybody would be able to grasp its meaning. You might not even know when a crude joke is made out of you and other person would enjoy that movement, subtly of course. You didn’t got the joke, did you?!
  • Insult – This genre has surprisingly become quite popular these days. Though this might well become offensive often and there is a very thin margin of error between humor and offence, yet a particular stratum of society seems to be cool with it, and their number is multiplying like mushrooms! This can be broadly classified into types – direct insult and indirect insult. It would be best to have an indirect insult in a subtle way. You would surely not like to get insulted directly, would you? Never mind … !
  • Technical/niche humor – This type of humor too is stratum driven. This is the best example of niche humor. Only people concerned with the niche would understand it and they like it doing that way. Just imagine two Geeks enjoying in a bar when a nice lady enters … the elite and exquisite vocabulary conversational that happens between them – thou name is geek humor… ! A classic single liner for gambling niche would be – Even if he hits Double Zero roulette, his faces expressions remains as dead as a dodo! You didn’t got it, right… that is perfectly understandable… !
  • Artistic humor – This type of humor is similar to that of a satire, but its expression is more artistic. This humor is also more purposeful and targeted. A classic example of such humor can be found in form of daily cartoon columns is newspaper and magazines.
  • Sadist humor – Some people simply get pleasure while making others cry. They will intentionally try to hurt the feelings of others in most brutal and raw manner. Their way of expression is blunt and deadly. Though what they say might be correct and accurate at times, yet their presentation is undignified and worse, they do not give a damn to this fact!
  • Dark humor / black humor – This type of humor can be best observed in stories, poems, plays or movies where serious topics like hunger, poverty, ailments and even death is presented with a pinch of salt. This type of humor is classy and is not meant a target audience, who can appreciate it.
  • Situational humor – This is yet another interesting type of humor. A classic example of such a humor can be found in Shakespeare’s ‘The Comedy of Errors’, where the humor is natural and unplanned and it is an outcome of the confusion that is created due to situation (a pair of twins getting messed up with each other).
  • Repartee humor – This is yet another interesting type of humor. Unlike situational humor, a repartee is a well thought of and planned humor. Some people simply like to create fun and they make sincere efforts for it! They might practice for hours in order to develop this talent, while some lucky people may get this trait as a gift. Nevertheless, this type of humor can always be sketched out and improvised by rehearsals. Nowadays, lots of standup comedians practice this genre of humor.

Apart from different types of humor, there are also different ways in which a humor is communicated. The popular ways includes mimicking someone’s diction and imitating his actions. As the purpose of humor is to make a tense situation light, it is important that it is executed sensibly. Although it is fine to have dirty humor and even insult-humor on people who are close to us, utmost care has to be taken to execute it to get desired results.

Got it, smart ass?!

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