50th wedding anniversary joke

A husband and wife were celebrating their 50th anniversary.
That night the wife approached her husband wearing the exact same sexy negligee she had worn on their wedding night.
Wife: “Honey, do you remember this?”
Husband: “Yes dear, I do. You wore that same negligee the night we were married.”
Wife: “That’s right. Do you remember what you said to me that night?”
Husband: “Yes dear, I still remember.”
Wife: “Well, what was it?”
Husband: “As I remember, I said, ‘Oh baby, I’m going to suck the life out of those big boobs and screw your brains out.’ ”
Wife (She giggled): “Yes honey, that’s exactly what you said. So, now it’s 50 years later, and I’m in the same negligee I wore that night. What do you have to say tonight?”
Husband: “Mission accomplished.”

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