4 Desk Toys That Would Tickle Your Humorous Bone

When you think of the tension along with the stress and trauma that modern life brings to you, then you will get to understand that why every individual is searching or looking for ways so that they can alleviate the stress around them.

If you are also amongst one of such folks, then let me tell you that there are many toys available at Argos that would relieve your stress in a fluke. These are not only cheap but also effective when you would get an anxiety attack.

Now, get started with the list of the best office toys that would tickle your funny bone and help you to alleviate your stress.

Mesh and Marble Fidget Toy

Mesh-and-Marble Fidget Toy is one of the most effective stress busters that is available at fairly low prices. It will reduce stress and anxiety in a manner that you will feel that there was no stress being experienced. If you are getting distracted often, then this gadget on your office desk would be of great help.


Provides relief from stress and anxiety to all ages alike.
Specifically designed for children who are suffering from ADD, ADHD, Autism and such mental disorders.
Constructed of the best and reliable BPA-free plastic and marbles, they don’t pose the threat of toxicity.
Is suitable for use in hospital, classroom, office, or in any other location suitable.


Helps relieve anxiety and stress,
Greatly helps t keep your hands engaged,
Can be washed in machine,
No fixed location for its use.

Dammit Doll Classic

When life gives you an experience sweeter than heaven and bitter than hell, then you are in severe need of this toy. The Doll can absorb all the negative feeling and you will be able to get only the positive vibes around you.


Size is 12 inches which are a perfect gift for your office colleague and any of your friends.
Made using high-quality materials.
Designed such that it is strong enough to defy all your mean behaviour while you are at your office desk.
Along with being a stress buster, the Dammit Doll Classic also helps to air out the anger and the frustration in you.


Very durable along with being flexible so that it would be able to resist your punches.
Would be an awesome gift for someone who is feeling low or depressed.
The price is right.


X – Not too good to look and play with!

Glantop Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy

Imagine yourself working on your desk, simultaneously watching the time that is creeping at a stagnant speed. But when you approach this Magnetic Sculpture Toy, then it renders best to enhance your concentration.


An intelligence development toy along with being a stress buster.
A complete set of magnetic bases along with 160 balls makes it look attractive and fun as well.
You can create endless combinations of figures and shapes as well.
Is easy to port from one location to another.


Looks attractive and cool on your office desk,
A fun technique to spend your leisure or stressful time,
Lightweight without any complexity involved,
Reasonably priced if you are getting from Dealslands.


X Can be risky for the children under 14 years because the size of the balls is too small to be swallowed.

Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden

Sized 9″ x 9″ with a rosewood tabletop set, this would let you meditate without any hassles while you are gardening. This would be a perfect gift for the one who is going through the difficult phase of his / her life.


Perfect replica as compared to the meditative gardens in Japan.
This sand garden includes rake and broom so that you can create some amazing patterns in the sand.
The package is inclusive of a meditation booklet as well.


A perfect stress reliever
Great for your office desk while you are feeling low.


X Some claim it to be having fragility.

The one mentioned above are the best gadgets for stress relievers. Let us know which is your pick.

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