10 Shopping Fails

10 Shopping Fails That Will Make Your Stomach Pain With Laughter
Do you hate going to stores and spending lots of time shopping for your favourite items? Then, you might just love the idea of online shopping. Online shopping not only offers you plenty of choices and an opportunity to grab bargains through websites like By Discount Codes, but they also allow you to shop from the comfort of your home. Though, you have to wait a couple of weeks to receive your items and you may have to return them if they are faulty, but these services make your life so much easier.
While online shopping may sound great, but there are hundreds and thousands of horror stories of failed online shopping. Check out our list of hilarious online fails when people received nothing like they expected.

1 The Best Christmas Mug

It is amazing to see how a black mug would turn into a Christmas mug upon heating or cooling. But nothing is more amazing than seeing the same photo being printed on the mug. Advertisers just nailed it there.

2 Lovely Crochet Tank Top for the Cat

When the girl ordered crochet tank top, she was worried that this top may be a little small. Thankfully, the size turned out right…for her cat.

3 Spacious Rucksack

A lady ordered this huge rucksack for her nephew and we are sure she would really happy to receive a bag that could accommodate all of his erasers and pen sharpeners. Now he can take multiple erasers and sharpeners to school.

4 A Slim Fit Vest or Bodycon Dress?

A guy ordered a cool slim fit vest online, but he ended up making his girlfriend happy. We mean the way he is looking in this slim fit vest his girlfriend would die laughing when she will see her guy in this vest. Admit it! He looks dashing in this bodycon dress.

5 Knee-Length Skirt

The description of this skirt must have said knee-length and the girl wouldn’t have taken it seriously. Guess the merchant was really precise with the size measurements.

6 Prom Dress from China

She thought it’s a good idea to buy a prom dress online from China. Well, certainly, what she received looks more sparkling than the one she ordered.

7 Halloween Mask

It is not always good to scare people. So, the online seller thought to make this Halloween more amusing than terrifying. He looks funny, doesn’t he?

8 Beauty Face Mask

When you shop while checking her Instagram and don’t pay attention to the size. But, wait! Was this face mask made for kids?

9 Crystal Chair

No, this $10 chair couldn’t be used for sitting. We wished the same thing the buyer could have understood.

10 Super Tight Tights

This guy was all set to take advantage of Halloween time and planned to dress up as a Catwoman in skin-tight leggings. When he received his order, it ended up fit on his toes and not on his legs.

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