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A guy dies and goes to hell, and meets Satan. Satan says to the man;
“Nowadays, people entering hell are able to choose their own personal hell. I will take you to a series of doors, and you will look inside, and tell me if that is where you would like to spend eternity.”
The man agrees and Satan takes him down a long, dark hallway. Satan opens the first door, the man looks inside, and sees thousands of people standing on their heads on a hard-wood floor. The man says;
This looks too uncomfortable. Show me the next room please.”
Satan then walks the man down to the second door. The man looks inside, and sees thousands of people standing on their heads on a concrete floor.
The man says;
“This is even worse. Please show me another room.”
Satan nods and takes him to the third door, and the man looks inside; he sees thousands of people standing knee-deep in liquid shit, all drinking coffee. The man says;
“This is the place for me.”
Satan then asks;
“Are you sure? Once the door closes you can never go back…”
The man says;
“I’m positive. I do love coffee.”
The man steps in, and Satan closes the door. Just before the man could get comfortable, a voice on the loudspeaker says;
“Coffee break is over, BACK ON YOUR HEADS!!!!

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